The Wulf

Designed a poster for The Wulf events.
1.    Open Source: Ashley Bellouin & Ben Bracken + Sarah Davachi
2.    Open Source: Erika Bell, Bonnie Jones & Suzanne Thorpe
3.    Throat Singing from the Mongolian Steppe
4.    Jaap Blonk Represents Yappiscope.
5.    Heep, Sumner and Finley
6.    Eugene Kim, Laura Steenberge, and Lucie Vitkova
7.    Luca Forcucci: B(l)(e)(e)(n)dings
8.    Bitpanic, Tim Feeney, and Heather Lockie
9.    Borey Shin, Pauline Lay, Kozue Matsumoto + Patrick Behnke Duo
10.  Open Source

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