Designed a website for an e-business that delivers juices to consumers’ doorstep.


For students, Smoodee delivers smoothies made with fruits and vegetables to their doorstep. They provide extra vitamins and minerals for the student lifestyle. Smoodee is a convenient and healthy way to energizes and revitalizes the consumer’s life.


• Brand Traits
Funny, not ridiculous. Healthy, not preachy. Convenient, but healthy

• Purposes

Delivers a fresh product to consumers’ doorstep.


Smoodee needed an identity they could appeal to young consumers. To make the brand special, my challenge was to create unique brand strategies.


To meet customers’ needs and interests, I came up with two main ideas: 1. a free bottle of coconut water that customers can add it to their own smoothies. 2. one-day expedited delivery. Students can order a smoothie the night before an event or party to cure hangovers the next morning.