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A former baby, current graphic designer, future skeleton, and a distant future pile of dust

SooJin Lee is a freelance graphic designer with a BFA in Graphic Design from CalArts. (Class of 2016)

Learning and surviving from all-nighters, classes and feedback, she likes to push pixels around and code with a focus on both digital and physical experiences.

On a daily basis, she juggles with work of clients in the digital marketing industry and self-initiated project. If you have more work for Soojin, or would like to collaborate, she is available and happy to have a chat! Feel free to connect on linkedIn 🔗 or shoot an email ✉️ .

User Interface Design, User Flow, Site Map, Wireframes, Prototyping, HTML, CSS, Vector Illustration, Branding, Media campaigns, Digital Marketing, Design Planning / Strategy, physical computing

Adobe Creative Suites (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effect, XD), Sketch, Sublime Text, InVision, Keynote, Fontlab, Cinema 4D, Unity, Arduino, Fusion360