How to Deconstruct the Body

How to deconstruct the body is a motion piece proposing a visual way of understanding the limits of computers and programs.


The computer cannot see the actual appearance or image through its program, all it “sees” is data which it interprets using set routines. The computer recognizes and detects certain poses from a 3d avatar or human body by following how a motion capture program is trained or coded. It follows the position and velocity of motion through a set of programmed codes or algorithms. Optical systems work by tracking position markers or bands and assemble the data. The motion capture data is transferred into rigged character animation.

The capability of bringing bodily motion from our daily life to a virtual space through tiny trackers linked via USB always amazes us. It perfectly transfers the exact same motion in reality to another space. However, there is always a possibility that the data generates a twisted avatar that is out of the scope of a real human body. This is because the computer can’t  adapt and interpret an object based on vision, unlike people who perceive an object physically with their eyes and have a deeper level of understanding. No matter how the body is manipulated and forced into physically impossible positions on the screen, the perception neuron suit obtains the data of the body position, not how it looks. With this smart but dumb computer vision, the video shows how to purposely deconstruct the body surrounding motion tracker around through instruction.


• Mocap Suit, Axis Neuron program, Unity