Designed an app and website for a hypothetical company offering a service for selective social media deletion.


DLT deletes client’s history on social media based on his request. 
It offers three packages based on target customers.

• Death package: In the process of preparing for one’s death, 
DLT offers the service of erasing all digital history. Clients can set an auto-responder from the grave — DLT sends an alert of your passing. Upon the request, send digital memories of a client to his/her family.

• Hacked package: Since it is hard to google each leaked photo and request websites to pull them down. DLT offers the service of wiping them out. DLT prevents cybercrime in its own way.

• Break Up package: For those who have a breakup, DLT deletes tagged photos and messages from an ex-lover.


• Brand Traits
Quick, Easy and Carefree.

• Purposes
1. Prepare for final log-off.
2. Clean personal digital history
3. Take control of web life.

• Key Selling Points 
Responsibility, Trusted Professionals, 
Free consultation.


DLT needed to reach possible clients on their phones and laptops. My challenge was to create a platform that has an easy one-click order form and a digestible service introduction page.


I designed a service hub in app and website format that is easy to approach and apply the service.